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Throughout this journey, you will gain knowledge about the digital world and learn how to take control of your own website.

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Who We Are

We are committed to bridging the gap between individuals with and those without digital abilities.

Embrace digital journey with Explore WordPress

We are committed to bridging the gap between individuals with and those without digital abilities. Businesses that embrace digital can achieve more growth, speed, and momentum. However, digital isn’t straightforward; it’s a vast sector that is always evolving. Many digital firms and solitary web designers promise that you can sit back and relax while they handle everything, but they frequently fail to deliver on their promises, and they also appear to own your digital soul, which can be difficult to reclaim. Taking on the immensity and fast-changing nature of digital on your own is simply impossible, but what if there was a talented team who could? That is why we are incredibly proud of this fantastic niche we have carved out for ourselves, the capacity to instil confidence, knowledge, and digital momentum in you so you are not alone, and you are not being underserved by a third-party agent. We are talented, responsible, and knowledgeable people who appreciate making your digital journey as simple and fun as possible, to close the digital divide in the marketplace and in the countries where we do business.

What We Do

With refinement, expertise, and an understanding of the worth of your time, we help you gain digital confidence, knowledge, and skill. We work at the intersection of growth and technology, providing multiple sensory interactions in our approach, ranging from listening to seeing, understanding, repeating, engagement, and collaboration, not only in the course itself but also in the various ways we stay with you as you gain confidence. Through eBooks, Blogs, Reinforcement activities, a fully formed play technology play space, and the option to contact us as needed, we provide you with encouragement, support, and advice. We offer group training sessions across a wide range of digital areas, such as Build and Launch a High Growth Website, and Social Media Marketing, for both online and on-site customers in cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, and London, as well as countries such as England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and South Africa.

Meet The Team

Meet our team of professionals who are determined to provide customers with excellent courses.

Meet our team of professionals

Elliot Charles – Founder, Strategy

In 2008, Elliot began using WordPress as a platform for creating business websites. Elliot is working to expand the Explore WordPress team and provide the course content, learning experience, and extensive support materials to new cities, nations, and communities after launching the Explore WordPress education brand 13 years ago to share his skills with small businesses and organisations.

Wisdom Benneth – Brand Partner

Wisdom is in charge of ensuring that the Explore WordPress brand standards of excellent course material, professional course delivery, and learner satisfaction are followed both during and after the course. Wisdom has worked on the WordPress platform for 5 years and has a keen eye for detail providing quality assurance on digital transformation projects such as marketing, eCommerce, charity, and commercial websites. Wisdom is also certified by Google, Slack, and Hubspot.

Liam McCabe – Digital Trainer / Course Designer

Liam is in charge of creating and testing our course material. To create fantastic learning experiences, he draws on his comprehensive knowledge of the WordPress ecosystem, deep infrastructure knowledge, various achievements in delivering client value, and industry best practice. He holds a software engineering degree and is certified in Google, Slack, and Hubspot. He’s created various WordPress plugins and assisted customers with digital transformation projects.

Daniel Charles – Digital Trainer

Daniel works as a site designer for a digital agency, and he’s been brought on board to assist Explore WordPress create inspiring learning experiences. Daniel blends the subject material put out by Liam and the content delivery methodologies laid out by Ryan to provide an inspiring experience both during and after the course, allowing learners to grow in confidence well into the future.

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