Looking for a great theme to build site?

Are you looking for a great theme to build your digital future on? We trust and recommend Astra Pro.
Astra Pro is a paid plugin that enhances the Astra theme’s functionality. The main theme is simple, straightforward, and focused on providing exactly the bulk of users’ functions. Astra Pro, on the other hand, provides additional customisation options and functionality.

Build great site with Astra Pro

What is Astra Pro used for?

Astra Pro is a strong multipurpose WordPress theme add-on for the free Astra theme. It comes with more advanced features that allow you to construct and modify your website in a unique way without changing or adding a single line of code.

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A typewriter. Better typography

Better Typography

With over 800+ Google fonts added to the list and a variety of typography settings, you can ensure that your website has the greatest typography possible. You can use any fonts that you prefer.

Customise any area of your website

You can control the colours and background of any place on your website with Astra Pro. The theme allows you complete control over each component, allowing you to precisely manage each one.

A woman customising website with Astra Pro

Want to get Astra Pro?

If you would like to get Astra Pro or to learn more about Astra Pro click the link below that will redirect you to the Astra Pro website.

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